Hey There!

Welcome to this page!

A little bit about me.  I’m Meg, I’m a college student who is a care giver/ CNA, I love the Lord, I love people, and I love my family and friends. My goal is to help people and educate them.   In the “hers” section of the website I’m going to be giving some insight regarding relationships, prophesy, biblical advice even, and other random topics.  Now, I am no expert in matters, but I am a used vessel of God just like others.  I believe that God can use people however he would like to use them to bring glory to Him.  I also believe that I am  a unique person that desires the deep deep understanding of the Holy Spirit.  God’s desire is to reveal himself with no limitations and to reveal his love through His son Jesus.

There’s going to be topics that I will write about like spiritual marriage.  Now, I bet you’re wondering what in the world…well, we will get into that.  I’ll get into subjects even as simple as music.  The goal here is to motivate, inspire, and encourage you.  I hope you find this website extremely useful as well as helpful.

If you have any questions for me, you can find me on Facebook.

Happy reading! 🙂