Hello there!

You were probably interested in learning a bit about me…

My name? Jack. Not that it’s important. This site will be more about what God has to say than what I have to say.

My Church History:

I was born again at 8 years old in Sunday school at a Nazarene church in Illinois. My family stopped attending that church soon after.

At 21, I started attending an Assembly of God church, which I stayed in for several years. I moved to a Pentecostal Church of God for a time until I moved to a new city for my new job after finishing college.

Later, I started attending an independent church in Pontiac, Illinois until I my job required me to move to Peoria, Illinois. Once in Peoria, I visited several churches and started attending the one that God sent me to. It was another independent church. I was there for 12 years until God moved me again. I presently attend another independent church called Trinity Church.


Yeah, you were probably wondering what that was about. This “His” section is all about inspirational and instructional teachings that I personally write. You will find the items I wrote nested underneath this section name in the menu.