isgenesishistoryOn Thursday evening, 2/23/2017, we watched the documentary film Is Genesis History? The film was hosted by Del Tackett, the creator of the Truth Project. It featured lots of insightful input. The experts are from:

All of the experts are PhDs in their respective fields.

This is a summary of our thoughts on the film.

Geological Rock Strata – Agreed on many points. Billions of years of erosion should result in nearly smooth features instead of jagged canyon walls.

Paradigms – Life tends to try to convince us to think a certain way without thinking for ourselves. All science data must interpreted in light of truth of the facts instead of theory of evolution.

Hebrew – interesting that he should mention the very first word in the Hebrew text in Genesis… It is a summary of the Bible in one word. Each letter has a symbolic meaning and the meanings add up to a “cliff note” of the presentation of the Bible. Allow me to explain:

  • Resh (R) – Symbols: Head, leader. The first letter of Ruach (Spirit) and therefore represents the Holy Spirit.
  • Aleph (A) – Symbols: Ox, sacrifice, first. Symbolizes the life of Yeshua (Jesus) as the sacrifice on the cross and the firstborn from the dead.
  • Shin (SH) – Symbols: “The toothy one,” consuming. The first letter of Shaddai, representing the Father. Our God is a consuming fire.
  • Yod (Y) – Symbols: Hand, work. Represents the law. Is the tenth letter, correlating with the 10 commandments of the law.
  • Tav (Th) – This one breaks down into two parts. There are two versions of Tav. One is Tav (T) and the other is Tav (Th). The second one inherits the menaing of Hey (H) as well as the meaning of Tav (T).
    • Tav (T) – Symbols: Mark, sign, cross. I probably don’t need to explain what this symbol means to us! It’s obviously the cross.
    • Hey (H) – Symbols: Open window, light, grace. This means grace of course.

So the end result is that we are introduced to the Godhead, (Spirit, Son, Father), then comes the law, then the cross, then grace. Just the way everything is laid out in the Bible.

Biological Data – Why would any biologist think that the complexities of the DNA and RNA strands (Helix and Double Helix) could possibly have developed the parts individually and later joined together? It’s just not possible. So I am in hearty agreement with the professor on this one.

Astrological Data – Here is where I have just a little bit different theory than the professor. You see, I believe in the “gap theory.”

So, you say, “Just what is this gap theory?”

Glad you asked.

The gap theory is the belief that billions of years passed between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. Here are the reasons for that belief, straight from the Bible, not from other sources:

  1. Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. Holding that this is true, why would God need to re-create the heavens in Genesis 1:3 and 1:14-18? Keep in mind that the “stars” in verse 16 could have been translated “planets” just as easily.
  2. Genesis 1:2 – In the Hebrew, it states that the Earth BECAME formless and void. This gives rise to a hint that the Earth was perfectly created, then became formless and void through the fall of Lucifer.
  3. Genesis 1:14-18 – God has stated that the heavens are there for times and seasons. They are a universal clock. That clock states that the universe is about 14 billion years old. So my conclusion is that I believe in an old universe, and an old Earth, with a young regeneration of the Earth. So nearly the same as a young Earth.

I welcome your thoughts on this. Contact us here.